Muse Gloria

Founder & CEO SoulGeekGuru; WHolistic Success Method Creator

My passion is to see more people successful and to guide individuals through life transformations.

I've been coaching business associates, friends, and clients for over 35 years, while working in IT as a programmer, project/program manager, quality control analyst, and tech staff management, and also as a self-employed Licensed Spiritual Guide/Certified Life Coach, and published author. I'm a geek who found Spirituality, and has studied the Secret to how the Universe really works.

The alternate realities presented by science fiction have always interested me. Wondering if the powers suggested could be possible, I began exploring various avenues. Being a geek, my explorations also include quantum physics, neurology, and emotional intelligence, focusing on the key factors to achieving a successful, happy life. I'm an intuitive and soul whisperer who communes with the spirit realm, and has successfully manifested many intentions.


* Creator of the WHolistic Success Method
* 7+ years as Spiritual Guide licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living
* Lead Practitioner with AHA!Education, a study chapter of Center for Spiritual Living
* 9+ years as Certified Life Coach focusing on Spirit & Success
* BS/MS Computer Science – Missouri University of Science & Technology
* 8+ years as Energy Healer in modality learned from Spirit Guides
* Selected in first group of 30 to attend IBM's Advanced Technical Training program

My life has presented a unique mix of analytic and creative life adventures, which brings a unique perspective to all my teaching.

I look forward to meeting you in one (or several) of my courses.