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We started Multi-Platinum to connect you to top producers and great teaching. Our goal is to help you produce continually better music, by getting you working alongside the best performers and producers in the world.

I'm Nathan “Adan" Adam, a founder of Multi-Platinum, active audio and television post producer, studio owner and professor of audio engineering at Belmont University.

As an audio & video producer, I've edited, recorded or mixed projects for artists including the orchestral score for “Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby", multi-platinum country star Collin Raye, the Grascals, Debbie Boon, the Grascals, Jim Stafford, Larry Gatlin, Carrie Tillis, Les Brown Jr, and many others.

Over the last 13 years I've worked with literally thousands of musicians just like you to help them launch their careers as producers and engineers.

My students have gone on to be touring engineers and artists, Grammy nominees and even Grammy winners.

In this series I'm excited to introduce you to Nashville producer Dean Palya Jr.

A multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter on Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Organ, Violin and Vocals with secondaries in Saxophone, Clarinet and Ukelele, Dean is one of the most versatile music creators I've ever encountered.

In addition to tracking and mixing demos for a range of Nashville artists, he has produced 6 full length records of his own songs in genres as diverse as rock, pop, classical and hip hop.