Muktar Abdul-Razaq

Fitness Enthusiast and Trainer

Muktar Abdul-Razaq is a Pre-med Student in West Texas A&M university and has a strong passion for fitness and lifestyle. He’s currently on his way to becoming a health coach and certified fitness trainer. He has been training for two years in which he has acquired useful knowledge and experience when it comes to diet and training. Like most people, Muktar started off not having clue about fitness. But He always wanted to grow his arms. This led him to study bodybuilders training styles to see what they did differently. He discovered a similar training style among the bodybuilders and adopted them. Muktar was able to take his skinny and tiny arms and turn them into huge, muscular and impressive set of arms. He believes the reason most people don’t see results with training is because they are not training the most effective way. After getting his arms to grow, He decided to create this course so that he can teach other people the powerful training style he used to get huge and muscular arms fast.

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