I am Mr Jay greenwald I was born in Germany and brought up in USA. Now I am living in Middle East. I am running my own software business in Saudi Arabia. Making programs is my passion always. I still remember when i did my fist program with the help of my father long before and then I started the journey to the programming world. Officially I started studying programming from my 11th grade at school as I was very interested in that I could score best in my computer science subject. Now by the God's grace I could do programs using c, c # , c++ , X code, java, python and many more. My carrier was somewhat like as follow till date Core Competencies at SQM, Principal PM Consultant; Master Project Scheduler at Software Quality Management.I was working as C Programmer at Tourism Media, IT Systems Assistant at PBS Realty, Software Engineer at Advanced World Solutions, Digital Information Technology and I had my studies in Indiana University Bloomington, University of California, Davis, Sacramento City College Let me not forget that now I am working in udemy as well.

I have been working in IT profession for more than 20 years and teaching is my passion so now I am looking forward to publish some of my works in udemy. I have experience as a teacher so I can tell you my course will be easy to understand I can promise that after completing my course you will be able to do your own programs.

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