Muhammad Umair Ghufran

Full Stack Developer - SEO Consultant


I co-founded the Rank Grain®, a Digital Marketing and Software agency based in Pakistan, in 2010. Since then, my team and I have consulted with over 350 companies around the world

 I started my career as Programmer and Graphics Designer, I learned  C++, java, and another popular programming language like (Dart,Html5,CSS JavaScript etc.) but soon transitioned into the world of Internet marketing. I saw so many businesses being outmaneuvered by their competition, only because they didn't understand the nuances and strategies behind a successful online marketing Strategies.

 So, what kind of stuff I teach on UDEMY

 before 2 years I was trained 100+ Students  (SEO Expert Training) 90% of them have succeeded in quitting their day jobs and work online full time - I love to Teach online as Internet Marketer and Programmer!

Right now I run my Six Figure online Business

 Secrets of my Success

  - I Promise to myself I will never work for Boss
  - Work regular
  - Think positive
  - Go Forward 

" Ideas without execution is like car without Fuel"


Muhammad Umair Ghufran

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