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As a part of my process to improve my English I started with the typical way where I'm reading grammar books and listening to listening practice cds and I just started thinking what was the best way or, I guess, what was the actual way the Canadian speakers were learning the language, because I can speak Hebrew but I don't really remember how I was, as a child?, how I learned it naturally? So, how did I learn to speak? I kind of forgot that, and maybe as adults that something most people forget but when you watch little kids speaking with their parents you can see how the language develops and I started looking at them, I'm just watching kids at the park and thinking wow these are actually little kids speaking with their parents and they can speak better than I can, even though I'm like 35 years old and it was just shocking to me how they were actually able to speak even though I had the mind, the logic to understand the grammar rules and things like that, but I just couldn't actually get the words to come out of my mouth.

So, I could understand everything and I could speak when I'm by myself but you know, I kind of lose the language, my words escape me.

But seeing how the Canadian children and their parents were speaking to each other I realized instantly that they’re actually learning in a different way and that's when I first had the idea that if you want to speak like native speakers you have to learn like them, and you have to actually practice like them and speak like them, and you develop fluency that way from a very early age, but you can actually do the same thing as an adult learner!

In this course I would like to invite you, to join me, to show how to speak like a native Hebrew speaker from the first moment without any previous knowledge.

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