Moustafa Nafei

Texture Artist, Pharmacist, Teacher

Teaching and helping is my biggest passion.

My name is Moustafa and I've been working with game design for over 10 years. I took this path because I've a creative mindset and I've always been interested in creating games. Whatever I learn in my game design journey, I want to teach people what I've learned so they can benefit too. Beside being a self-taught texture artist, I'm an educated pharmacist.

Experience in creating simple and understandable courses from advanced topics!

Since I started school for the first time, I've always liked to teach people what I already knew. Teaching people in such a manner that they would understand every single thing about the subject.

People might describe me as patient and a perfectionist. I like doing things as best as I can and I don't like leaving a task without it being perfect.

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