Moustafa Abol-Hasan

Engineer, Designer, Marketing manager, Entrepreneur

Hello everybody, I'm Moustafa Abol-Hasan from Egypt.

And it fills me with passion the (Arabization of Science) issue, especially the E-sciences such as computer designing, social media, social media marketing, web and web design, ...

during my study and since I graduated from my faculty _Faculty of electronic Engineering _  I ask myself a question _ an important question _ HOW !!

How the graphic programs work ?How the operating systems work ?  How the computer read my ideas ? How the computer works ?? How, How, and millions of (HOW).

16 years are my experience in the marketplace in many different fields of life, but all of them were rotating around the computer.

Every second, the world outside our Arabian lands is moving rapidly towards the future, introducing at least something new, and we _ the Arab youth_ standing and looking without any action because of the shortage of knowledge.

The modern sciences are introducing in foreign languages, specifically English, BUT what about ARABIZATION of these sciences as much as we can!!

I started, and I hope not to stop

Finally I'm Engineer,graduated from  Computer Science and Engineering department, Faculty of Electronic Engineering.

and here is the fields i spent the last 16 years in :

- Graphics design.
- IT.
- Marketing.
- Sales.
- Entrepreneurship.
- Training.

Thanks for reading these words about me,

AND the last words, HOW can I help YOU.

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