Chirag Motwani

Medical professional trainee

Motwani Chirag is a professional medical trainee, learning a lot of medical aspects under the guidance of great teachers such as Dr. S. Shukla, Dr. N Chhabra, Dr. Patti, Dr. Sushil Dawka, Dr. S. Ray and Dr. M. Thourani at SSR Medical College, Belle Rive. In a near future he will be the Mr. Doctor dedicated to understanding and treating the patients of their illness. 

Chirag has been an active student in the field of Diabetes, its pathogenesis nd management. He along with his colleague, Divya Jain, successfully delivered a poster presentation at IAMBR (International Association of Medical and Biomedical Researchers). The poster was aimed at delivering the facets of one of the complications of diabetes mellitus i.e. Dyslipidaemia.

Chirag has proven a sound academic quality by achieving two distinctions in Physiology and Biochemistry. He enjoys reading various books aimed at increasing the medical knowledge and knowledge of personal development, social interaction. 

As a hobby (and a plus qualification), Chirag has obtained bachelor's qualification in Bharatanatyam, by completing a 7 year course, under the guidance of his Guru Dr. Neha Shukla from his hometown, Jamnagar (a small and beautiful town on the western coast of state of Gujarat, India). Chirag has always considered his parents, Mr. Lalit Motwani and Mrs. Shobha Motwani, as his role models and life-long mentors. 

Health is what he prefers, Stay healthy is what he says! 

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