Mo Riddiford

ESL Language Teacher and Communication Coach/Consultant

I have taught English to over 2000 non-native speakers of English at 5 universities, many companies and also individually and online. From complete beginners to highly professional people in preparation for talks at large conferences.

My over 2000 learners have come from all background and professions from 15 countries on 2 continents. I have also lived my professional career on four continents over the last 30 years. In addition I bring my 30 years experience (over 25,000 hours) of daily experience with very simple non-religious meditation.

Over the last fifteen years I became unhappy with the standard teaching in schools. 

Learners want to communicate! They want to enjoy contact with people from other countries! But nearly always learners could not speak and enjoy their second language for years after beginning in the language. In my universities I was forced to use books and focus on grammar. I asked myself: did babies learn this way with such amazing success?

I started teaching differently, and the results in the learners were amazing.

I threw away the books and concentrated on simple human contact. We had fun! We talked about anything which was interesting for the learner. But we always talked with 100% concentration and focus.  As a group we noticed WHAT we talk about, but also HOW we talked about it. We learned attention to our own mind during communication.

Out of this professional experience I learned just three important principles for learning any language. These are: your own inborn Communication Trust-Power℠ (I call this our one human superpower), Conscious Attention℠, and Naked Listening℠. I found out how to know the language/s of learners inside their mind via my TISL Game℠.

I made a guarantee to get any learner (intermediate/5 years of English or better) to feel at home and connected in English as their second language. In just twelve hours this is possible and hundreds of learners have gone through the BE-in-English℠ online Program. No one has asked for their money back! <smile>

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