Moriah Davis

Cerebralsoft Founder

Moriah Lee Davis is an accomplished author, music artist and founder of the innovative Cerebralsoft Organization. Davis is also the designer of the breakthrough Legos Theorem and ANC Model, the most progressive model of intelligible energy exchange between humans. Moriah believes in furthering human equality by empowering the world community to use more of their mental capacity.

Growing up in a home where sensing what other people were thinking was natural and expected, inspired Moriah’s longing to learn more about the differences between her nurturing environment and those that would consider her normalcy psychic or nontraditional. At an early age, Moriah realized that there was a lack of scientific support for the things she experienced on a daily basis, and as an adult, this unchanging factor led to the launch of the Legos Project.

In 2011, after years of self study and multidisciplinary education, Davis started examining the origins of thought processes associated with formulating individual perceptions and using advanced types of communication. Legos research was performed across the U.S. and within other nations, examining the immensely unique viewpoints held in numerous communities, among differing ethnic groups and by varying socioeconomic positions.

Cerebralsoft curriculum was created from the data accumulated during Legos research and in spring of 2014, Davis founded the Cerebralsoft Organization to provide a positive system for self educators and nontraditional learners to acquire life skills that will maximize their current thinking processes in addition to allowing them to create self programs and exercise more brain potential.

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