Infinity MFG

Online Training For Manufacturing Talent

I received my bachelor and master's degree from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering Technology. For 14 years I worked as a manufacturing engineer, quality engineer and supervisor in the automotive industry. In those capacities I managed several projects that involved tooling designs, capital procurement, machine tool evaluation, run-offs gauge R&Rs and other quality and problem solving methods. For the last 7 years I have been working in advanced manufacturing doing consulting for large and small manufacturers and doing research and development in machining technologies and manufacturing practices.

I have also has worked as an adjunct instructor for Cincinnati State teaching design and solid modeling and University of Cincinnati teaching DFMA on the graduate engineering level.

The reason that I founded Infinity MFG is because I have noticed a growing number of my clients that are requesting training on basic manufacturing concepts in order to promote employees as well as hearing the issues that they have with finding capable talent to hire.

There is clearly a skills gap in the manufacturing sector and I hope that with resources like Infinity MFG and Udemy that we will be able to better address it.

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