Mohua Thakurta

Faculty/ Filmaker

Mohua ( Mo ) Thakurta started as a  Production Assistant  in Bollywood, Mumbai, India. Without any contacts or connections in the film Industry in Mumbai she began her career as a production runner working her way up to became an Assistant Director in the Indian Film and Television Industry. Mohua, worked on long running television shows and commercials before landing a job in the Film Industry. She worked with award winning directors like Asif Kapdia on Warrior, Gurinder Chadda on Bride and Prejudice. Mohua, moved to United States in 2001, she received a MFA in Digital Filmmaking from Georgia State University, and continued to create and work on several short films.  Currently, Mohua, works and lives in Atlanta with her family. She works as an adjunct faculty . She mentors a lot of students in producing their first short films. She continues to freelance on various projects in and around Atlanta.


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