Mohammed Ibrahim

Software Developer and Entrepreneur

I'm a software developer and I have around 3 years of working experience in Android and iOS platform. After working in Blackberry, I gained a lot of experience in mobile app development and increased efficiency to write good code.

Technology is my biggest passion. I read of lot of tech news from many articles. Some of favourites are The Verge, The Next Web and many more. Being a developer I have developed many iOS and Android apps for various clients.

Now since my interest has shifted side into the teaching field, I started teaching Mobile Development for students in various places.

In my opinion, I feel that a student can learn something only by doing. So my courses is unique from all other courses in a way that it helps the beginners to undergo transition from the basic to the intermediate level.

Since I love the core coding concepts I will make sure that my students also understand it and implement it in a easier way. My goal in simple words is to spread the knowledge in an affordable way.

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