Mohammed ALQatari

Saudi Chef

I am from Saudi Arabia but I currently living in Australia since 2012. When I left the country I realised that I will not find Saudi food anymore. This has inspired me to establish a Saudi restaurant overseas, to be a Saudi Chef and to show the world what Saudi Cusine is. I love cooking and baking. I am the chef of the house since I was 12 years old. I accompanied my mum in her kitchen and I learnt from her so many secrets methods in cooking and tasty recipes. The courses that I created about Saudi Food will let people:

1. Discover a new taste and bring new dishes to their dining table.

2. Teach and show chef and general people the enjoyable process in making Saudi Food.

Besides Saudi food, I love making western sweet dishes such as Cheesecake, Souffle and many other dishes. I have a diploma in Electrical Engineering and love gardening. I like to link electricity concepts and gardening together to produce fresh vegetables.

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