Mohammad Ouiss Soudi

Arabic Lecturer

MARHABA! (Hello).

My name is Mohammad Soudi, I am 31 years old born and grew up in Damascus the oldest inhabitant capital in the history, Syria.

I speak Fluent Classical Arabic, which is the language of more than 23 Countries from United Arab Emirates in the East on the Arabic Gulf to Morocco on the Atlantic in the west, as well as it is the language of 1.62 Billion Speakers all over the world.

Arabic is the language of Quran (the Holy Book for Muslims that was revealed 14 Centuries ago).

We start learning Arabic at School at age of seven as well as home. I really like Arabic language and always Scored 70+. It is very dynamic language that can express your feelings and describes things precisely in few words!.

I believe, as well as some European Researchers, that Arabic is the main language that all modern languages today was derived from, and on top of that I personally believe that it was the first language taught by God to Adam. And by the way do not worry if you have never known Arabic before as we will starch from scratch all the way up to the top.

So, let's pull socks up and start learning the world ancient language...ARABIC!

I'll see you in the class room very soon :)