Founder and President of the Lageria Laboratories, Head of the Aleph One Research and Development team. In addition to being the CEO and Owner of Shahawy Group as of 2015.

Graduated as an Airplane Pilot from the Egypt Aviation Academy in 2009, type rated on the Airbus A320 in 2011, and got a Commercial FAA Rotorcraft License in 2012 from Ocean Helicopters in Florida, USA. As of 2013, got endorsed in Off-Shore helicopter piloting, navigation, and landing.

Also being Certified Fire-Fighter, Open Water Diver, and a Lv. 2 Electrical Specialist.

In 2014, acquired a Teaching Diploma (TESOL).

By 2015, became an International Arbitration Adviser/Counsellor in Aviation Lawsuits as endorsed by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice and founded the Shahawy Group, which specializes in agricultural and food production for both, the international and the local Egyptian market.

Other qualifications are Advanced 3D Graphics Modeling & Rendering from the American University in Cairo, Software Programming (C++ / Python), and general Linux/UNIX skills.

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