Moatasem Farid

Engineering student

First of all, I would like to mention why I would like to be an instructor. I have a great passion towards teaching students different skills they need. I find it very interesting to join this community of teachers and students.

I am a student in Nanotechnology Engineering at Zewail city.Beside studying, I am working as a freelancer as well. Recently, I have managed to create a team of professional freelancers. I love to earn living by myself. My native language is Arabic I am a good English writer.I wrote a lot of papers and articles in Freelancer and in my University. I am an expert in making PowerPoint slides. I have been dealing with PowerPoint for about 15 years. I made different designs for PPT in a lot of projects in Freelancer and University. I can make attractive PowerPoint slide presentations by using different techniques.In general, Dealing with Microsoft office and Adobe reader is a piece of cake for me. I always work with excel and I can deal with functions in it. I can deal with all the tools in Photoshop. - I can deal with some programming languages such as C++ and Java.I can work with MATLAB well.