Marianne N. Michaels

| Engineer | Author | Academic

Marianne N. Michaels is a published author, academic, and engineer. She has acquired 20+ years of professional experience, and has applied this to her work at Fortune 500 multinational corporations.

As an Educator for more than 10 years, she has taught multiple subjects including, Mathematics, Engineering Design, SPSS, Renewable Energy, and Quantitative Data Analysis. In addition, she has also prepared her students for standardized tests including the SAT, IB, I/GCSE, Pre-IB, and School Entrance examinations. Students come from different grade levels, from tertiary university to primary (elementary) school, and different levels of learning abilities.

She has always believed in learning new things everyday. In fact, she is keen to share what she has just learnt with anyone who happens to be nearby - whether they want to hear it or not!

Marianne would like to share her enthusiasm with you, and hopes to provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

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