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I've been a business owner, advisor, investor and Broker for almost 30 years. I've been on all sides of a deal, and have done operational consulting for small and large enterprises.

I've helped many people transform their businesses, and it changes their lives.

Business Broker, and Investment Real Estate Specialist

Originally Licensed in 1996. I've been an investor, property manager, advisor and REALTOR. I've been on all sides of a business and real estate transaction, and am pleased to offer my experience, and skills to help you achieve your goals.

FOUNDER at Payday Loan University

Payday Loan University was formed to raise the professionalism, effectiveness and profits of Payday / Sub-Prime and Micro Finance industry. We take the best practices from our consulting experiences, distill the strategies and ideas that really work, and we present them to our students.

CREATED and presented courses that dealt with all areas of business operations, management and marketing.

PRESIDENT at Total Operations Management, LLC is a well regarded management/operations consultancy. Combining the ability to Create and execute entire enterprises from start to finish. Unique ability to obtain positive results quickly.

Responsible for overseeing strategy, managing risks and upgrading operational quality:

 PawnShop: Open within 5 days of licensing, and operational Break-even at 45 days.

 CSO Storefront: Open and generating 120k if fees in 7 months.

 Convert Chain of Storefronts to ONLINE, retained 80% of clients after 6 months, after 3 years still retained 40% of original relationships.

 StoreFront Chain of Payday stores with loss rate of 10%. Industry average is 20-25%.

 Setup Check Cashing services in established Mexican stores. Provided all training and operational systems. Client had earned back all implementation costs, AND our fees by day 90.

 Store front CSO-Auto title lending operation. From $0.00 to $850,000 in revenue within 10 months.

 Online loan project. From 0 to 1000+ applications per day. Handled complete setup and implementation of a unique business model that recovered and used low cost leads.

 Startup of a Third Party lending platform in use to comply with Texas CSO laws.

 Compliance: Create and supervise all required compliance efforts.

Managing Partner at Lighthouse portfolio management

Company was formed to recapture value from stale portfolios. The work involved taking control of an existing portfolio and by building relationships with the clients, we were able to “bring them back”, and re-create a payment pattern. Additionally, this company purchased BAD debt and managed the collections.

COO/ Founding Partner at E-Z Payday Inc

E-Z Payday was opened and quickly became the most respected Financial service center on the Treasure Coast. Providing Payday Loans, Check Cashing, and Money Transfer. The business grew from 1 location to 5. Fee revenue was $1,000,000.00+ per year. Our stores outperformed even the NATIONAL Competitors in the area. Ultimately this role was very “hands on”. Additionally, under my guidance, the operation was able to survive and thrive through dramatic changes to regulation, and operation.

  • Manage the daily operations and full P/L of all locations;
  • Ensure top-notch customer service throughout the district;
  • District sales, debt management, profit performance, site operations, customer service and supervision of location Managers;
  • Sales and operations training to location Managers;
  • Establish, and attain goals of targeted store performance expectations;
  • Authorize payroll;
  • Communicate directly with Investors regarding store sales, debt, operational and staffing needs, business and advertising opportunities;
  • Perform audits of location financial records on a monthly basis;
  • Troubleshoot and maintain store systems;
  • Recruit, train and monitor performance of staff.
  • Compliance with all Federal and State regulations.
  • Navigate changes in operation and functions in reaction to changes in regulation.
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    Director of Financial Service Centers of Florida

    Financial Service Centers of Florida, based in Tallahassee, has been a voice for the non-banking financial services industry in Florida since 1989. The organization was developed to achieve responsible regulation of the industry at a time when the banking and finance fields are changing rapidly. FSCF’s

    focus is serving the interest of consumers. An organization that fosters communication and compliance with regulation, while coordinating opportunities to contribute to the community. As a director, it was my role to meet with elected officials, and regulators as an advocate for the industry.

    President at Integrated Business Solutions (IBS)

    IBS was an IT company that operated out of both Canada and the USA. During this time, we were the #1 provider of Technology solutions to Colleges and Universities in North America.

    Our clients were, Yale, Harvard, CSU, SUNY, UIC, York, and on.

    Our core competency was in Integration. Working on a large campus with 90,000+ students and staff all connected to each other is a technical challenge with real complexity. However, our firm was sought out for our ability to integrate the “PEOPLE”, and empower them to use the technology effectively.

    The ability to recognize how small technical details can make a profound difference to the experience of thousands of people.

    Company Program coordinator and trainer for Junior Achievement of Canada

    Economic Empowerment

    I ran the Company Program for Junior Achievement of Peel County. I was responsible for recruiting, training and managing 30 volunteers, and we worked with about 120 teens. Our mission was for the kids to start a company, create a product, sell the product, and perform all aspects of a business, under adult supervision.

    Professional References.

    Jemal Hayes, Owner at Mr. J's Media Productions

    Miro's a great guy. He is very organized,analytical and a


    Jer Ayles-Ayler, Consulting: Payday Loans,Car Title, Installment, Small Dollar Lending...

    Miro is a serial entrpreneur. He has the ability to "see the future" and identify new markets, strategies and tactics; a very good man to have on your Team!

    Julie Hankins, Capgemini Financial Services....

    Miro is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Tireless in his work, Miro always has time to listen and communicate with everyone. He brings insight and a unique viewpoint to situations due to his varied and broad knowledge. A pleasure to work with!

    Michael Brown, President at C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage and Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers ("TOFSC")

    Miro's experience, knowledge, and creative attitude are strengths that impressed me as we worked together on a few different projects. I am pleased to have him in my network.

    Martin Pahnke, MAS, Marketing Professional

    Miro has been a trusted vendor to my companies for many years. He has always been up to date, provided proper solutions and been responsive to our needs.

    Nick Sparagis, New Business Development

    I've enjoyed working with Miro on various projects. I appreciate his energy, optimism and passionate approach towards business and in life.

    Krista Rendulic, Manager at Carters/Oshkosh

    In the over 20 years that I have known Miro his entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity has always impressed and inspired me. Miro has an excellent work ethic. He is not afraid of hard work or risk. His sense of humor is refreshing and puts people at ease but he is nothing but professional in a business situation. Miro can think outside the box and his solutions to problems are intelligent and inspired. I would recommend Miro without a second's hesitation and will work with him anytime given the opportunity

    Val Zudans, Ophthalmologist, CEO FLORIDA Eye Institute

    Miro gives honest, good business advice. Patients need medical care, but sometimes don't have the ability to pay the full amount at the time of service. I consulted him about setting up in house payment plans for our medical practice and he simply and succinctly explained the process of setting up an ACH (automated clearing house) payment plan processing system as well as recommendations of how to implement the system. It took our billing manager about an hour of work and has made a potentially awkward situation much easier for both patients and the financial health of our practice. We spend less time focusing on financial issues, more time taking the best possible care of our patients, and still have the financial health to keep technology, staff, and equipment at the highest level possible.

    Christopher Whittington,Enterprise IT Strategy Consultant and Entrepreneur

    A dynamic and creative partner, Miro quite simply provides great solutions by understanding his clients needs and offering personal attention.

    Garry Chernest, Quantum Nutrition Inc. National Accounts Manager. (CPG) Natural Health,Vitamins,Nutraceuticals & Sports Related Products

    Miro can best be described as a true professional, using the TEAM approach in every aspect of his business.
    Where using the skills of Partnership Building and Relationship Selling has made Miro a true leader within his industry Miro A True Professional
    I would recommend Miro without any hesitation a True TEAM Leader who always there to assist his fellow Team mates in times of need...

    Ellen Madono,,Homeopath at tokyoyhomeopathy

    Miro is the guy to get the conversation unstuck with humor. He is open and happy to put forth his best ideas.

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