Minna Taylor

Communication Coach

Founder and CEO of Energizeyourvoice.net, Minna Taylor has been empowering individuals and professionals in the area of effective communication since 2006. Her approach is grounded in establishing and maintaining focus and intention through a delicate balance of play and practicality.

She partners with professionals to re-inspire curiosity, enhancing their investment and engagement in their work. Her main points of instruction for professional clients are Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, and Accent Reduction. She also teaches improv based presentation and team building workshops to corporations, which cultivate impulsive thinking and presence. She has worked with C level executives to entry level employees, educators, creative and social entrepreneurs, lifestyle brands, real estate companies, and tech startups.

Individual and personal coaching is geared toward helping everyday people find their voice and speak their truth from a centered and present space. She works with couples, groups, and one-on-one. She has partnered with match makers, divorce lawyers, women's organizations, and community groups.

Minna earned her BFA in acting from NYU Tisch in association with The Atlantic Theater Company and her MFA in theater from Brooklyn College, CUNY with a concentration in speech and vocal production. Her background in performance has built a skill set unique to guiding people into speaking their truth, exploring presence, and using their voice for authentic communication.