Milena Krumova


In 2015 I have founded EduTechFlag Ltd. The mission of the company is to create, share and support the effective use of smart and modern practices in the field of education. 

Since 2011, I hold Ph.D in Economics (Economics & Management) form University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia. Since 2014, I hold Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation from the Technical University - Sofia, Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technologies. My research is related to Competency-Based Education and Innovative Technologies, Tools and Web 2.0 for Teaching & Learning. The main scientific contribution of my Ph.D research is the development and implementation of Innovative Learning Scenarios 2.0. I am the first educator from Bulgaria, awarded to participate in NASA Space Camp for Educators in Huntsvile, Alabama (2016). 

The first EduTechFlag teaching course in Udemy "ePortfolio for Teaching and Learning" will be launched in September 2017.