Mike Stemple

Innovator, Entrepreneur, & Inspirer

I have built built over 20 companies that have grown to be worth $100+ million. I am considered an expert at ideation, innovation, startups, and brand creation, I spend my day's now at my company, Inspirer, helping other aspiring entrepreneurs and founders build the company and personal brands of their dreams. I am a Colorado native, a sponsored athlete, a mentor & Director-Emeritus at The Founders Institute, a past governor appointee to The CO Governors Council for Physical Fitness, and a proud veteran of the US Army.

Some of my companies include: Skinit (sold in 2007), Original Wraps (bought by a little company called 3M in 2013), Odojo (bought by SafetyWeb in 2010), nReach (bought by a public company in 2004) amongst others :)

What qualifies me to share my experience with you?

Over the past 20 years I have created 20 companies and made a living building successful companies from scratch. Some failed, but the weight of my success is greater than the weight of my failures. Having taken 1,000s of ideas and distilled them down to 100s of products I have learned what works and what doesn't and have self-taught myself all the aspects of what it takes to repeatedly build successful business.

I am an award winning mentor/coach and through this aspect of my life have found that my message and point-of-view on building startups and brands resonates strongly with my students. My courses came about out of frustration with other so-called mentors/coaches/instructors teaching so much about "launching" a product but not helping students with the whole process of actually building a startup from scratch. How to ideate, how to lay a foundation, how to build a brand.


My courses will NOT automagically "Make You Wealthy in 4 Hours A Week!!!" or help you "Get Rich While Traveling The World" or "Make $4,000 A Week, Part-Time, Doing x " and you should be wary of any who say that they can. My courses are about building an idea into an innovation and that innovation into a sustainable company. It is hard work. Anyone who sells you that it is not hard work, easy, and can be done a "few hours a week" is 1) VERY lucky or 2) lying to sell you a course.

After building 20 companies I KNOW it takes hard work, both mentally and emotionally, but the results are noting less than incredible. I want you to experience the pure joy of working hard on an idea and watching it grow into something that generates so much wealth it pays for countless vacations, weddings, pregnancies, college tuitions, and on and on for your teammates that join you. I want you to feel what it is like to live an extraordinary life and build exceptional things. Will you get rich taking my courses? Maybe. I have done ok with the advice, skills, and guides in my own courses, and I will do my best to help you as well.

So in summary what qualifies me to share my experience with you?

I have done it 20 times, and will probably do it 20 more. I have PROVEN success & experience (checkout out my Linkedin profile). I believe I can help you and am willing to give you all that I know, the secrets, the cheatsheets, the how-tos, all of it. All I ask is that you have the COURAGE to begin, that you are open to being INSPIRED, and that you BELIEVE that you are worthy and capable of joining me on this extraordinary journey of building your own amazing startup. I will do my part, now it is up to you.

Here are just a few of my successful friends testimonials:

"Mike is a visionary who applies his many talents in ways that inspires other leaders." - Adeo Ressi or Founder Institute

"Mike is one of the most inspirational people I've ever known. If you need ideas, he's your man. If you need UI design thoughts, he's your man. Now that I think about it, if you need any sort of help, he's your man!" - Brad Brown of Intelivideo

"Mike has a continuous stream of ideas that he has repeatedly developed into successful products and companies. He has a proven track record and is one of the best innovators I've ever known." - Mark Geene of Cloud Elements

"Mike is an idea machine. He is not only a proven serial Entrepreneur but he has a methodology to make innovation a repeatable process. When I'm looking to do my next thing, Mike is on my short list of people to call. Mike is also a world-class communicator. His keynote speech about his personal story is one of the best I have ever heard." - Jim Franklin previously of SendGrid

"Mikes courses are hands down the best I have ever taken! I was blown away by how much I learned. I am starting an eCommerce website and I have almost no technical experience, but Mike breaks it down perfectly and sets you up for success from the start (he even sets you up to sell and exit). He shows you so many tricks and hacks that I was never aware of. Going through Mike's courses is like having a mentor and coach right by your side through every step of the process. He takes time to answer your questions, he teaches you how to save money, which is always great for new entrepreneurs with little cash flow, and he makes the complicated aspects uncomplicated. Because of Mike I am now confident in my ability to build something that I am proud of and that can generate significant revenue. I am not only recommending him online, I am recommending him to my friends and family - that is how much he has helped me." - Nina Parr current student

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