Mike Rounds

The Man Who Translates Technology Into Human terms

Mike Rounds of Rounds, Miller and Associates, is a patented inventor, the creator of the “… for the Clueless®” series and a former director of engineering for one of the world’s largest toy companies.

Throughout his career, Mike has worked with numerous manufacturers to take dozens of new products to market. He has been teaching inventors how to successfully market their ideas and inventions since 1986 and currently delivers over 150 live seminars each year to organizations such as Columbia University, The Harvard School of Business, the University of California, The Los Angeles Public Library, and the Invention Convention.

He has authored over a two dozen books for inventors and entrepreneurs including How to Sell Your Inventions For Cash™, Inventing for the Clueless®, and Intellectual Property for the Clueless®, and is billed internationally as “the man who translates technology into human terms.”

Mike is famous for translating technology into human terms and explains everything you need to know, complete with illustrations and guidelines, to create a successful project in the minimal amount of time with little or no hassle.