Mike Pehl

Expert Driving Instructor & Veteran Crash Investigator

Hi, I'm Mike Pehl. I'm a former insurance agent, veteran crash investigator, and professional driving instructor.

Most car crashes do NOT have to happen. I'm passionate about teaching drivers how to avoid collisions and protect themselves (and their passengers ) from tragedies that can be prevented.

A colleague once called me "an innovative rebel." Yep, that suits me. I'm not a bureacrat and I don't have perfect grammar. But I do care about what works to keep people alive on the roads. My style of teaching has been developed, and proven successful, with tens of thousands of teenage drivers in Minnesota.

Teenage crash statistics are shocking, but they CAN change with the right methods and the right training. My students are living proof of that.

If you're a teen, or if you're the parent of a teenage driver, I really want your family to access the information in this course. It can be the difference between life and death in a vehicle. That may sound dramatic, but I've got plenty of stories to share from former students and parents, who've told me how that's been absolutely true in their own lives.

Too many legislators, and even some safety advocates, believe that it's impossible for a teenager to learn to drive safely. Well, I humbly disagree, based on my experience teaching thousands of teenage drivers.

Accidents do happen, and I can't say I have all the answers. But I do know that the right mindset and the right training methods can be the difference between your son or daughter gaining the skills they'll need for a lifetime of safe driving ... or becoming just another teenager with inadequate preparation who "lucks out" and gets their license, only to crash a few weeks later. It happens all the time. But I don't want that to be your family's story!

Since I have experience as an insurance agent, I also believe in better education about insurance costs and liability. Here's how I usually start that conversation with the parents of my students:

"Every time a young person takes the car keys, they have the power to change the house your family lives in, the clothes your family wears, and the food your family eats ... if they crash that car."

Young drivers need to understand this as they go through the process of driver education. Car crashes are most tragic when lives are lost. But injuries, and the financial devastation that can result from insurance liability and lawsuits, are also a serious concern for anyone with a teenage driver.

Most state driver's license exams focus on questions like how many feet your headlight beams have to shine. And lots of people worry about passing the parallel parking requirement. What I care about is keeping people alive on the roads, and helping them understand how they can develop their defensive driving abilities to protect themselves - anytime they're driving or riding in a car.

I sincerely hope this course will help many more teens and families become "smarter, safer drivers." To be honest, we'll benefit from that, because we all share the roads.

-Mike Pehl

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