Mike Hartman

Certified High Performance Virtual Mentor Coach

Mike Hartman, former professional athlete, is the Founder of Better Life Training, a Certified High Performance Virtual Mentor Coach, was member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and author of 100 Ways to Become Your Personal Best.

Mike is also a former professional hockey player who played with the Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets, Tampa Bay Lightning, Stanley Cup Champions New York Rangers, Team USA, European Leagues and the Minors. He also played on two World teams 1986 and 1997, and worked with the Women's Olympic Hockey Team.

For over 25 years, Mike has committed himself to working with adults and teens through his programs, which are focused on strategy coaching. His passion is motivating people, because he understands the struggles that they endure. As a young kid and teen athlete, Mike did not make it to the travel teams until he was 13 years old. When he finally made it, he always struggled to compete against the other players.

Through good mentors, coaches and teachers, all while paying attention to the little things, details, and challenges, he achieved his ultimate lifetime goal of playing in the NHL. This journey of Mike's as a young kid who fought against all odds to make it, led him to write and produce his book. Not only did he overcome his set-backs, but he wanted to share his story with others, as well as his own children. Mike is dedicated to providing the “Better Life Training Playbook for Life & My 100 Ways Journal" Program to adults and teens, so that they have a road map for achieving their lifetime goals. Mike Hartman has studied under Dr. David Mefford, PH.D.

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