Mike Blair


Mike Blair has spent a lifetime studying and filming wildlife. With degrees from University of Missouri-Columbia and years of field experience in forest management and entomology, his freelance wildlife writing and photography eventually led to a full-time photography masthead position with Kansas Wildlife Magazine. Twenty years later, Blair switched to video, where he developed, shot, and produced a daily web program called Kansas Outdoors Today. His career freelance wildlife photo credits approach about 100 American magazine titles, along with numerous books, calendars, and cards. Blair has won numerous national photo and writing awards among his professional peers through Outdoor Writers of America (OWAA) and other competitions. He is currently involved with content production for Kansas Public Television.

He is a book author, past syndicated newspaper outdoor writer, past associate magazine editor, and current wannabe country music writer. He's conducted many public photo seminars and programs highlighting his work. Recently retired, Blair continues to film wildlife from his home in Pratt, KS. He is married with two grown children.

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