Mike Balmaceda

Publishing Consultant, Innovator, Entrepreneur

My name is Mike Balmaceda. I am an online entrepreneur, internet marketer, and publishing consultant. I graduated from the University of Florida in IT, and now pursue my dreams of becoming extremely successful online and "being my own boss" (and reaching financial freedom).

I have consistently generated a six-figure income online through Kindle publishing consulting and product creation. I am passionate and always striving to learn more about internet marketing, Kindle, traffic generation and everything in regards to generating passive income online.

For the last few years, I've helped numerous CEOs and million-dollar companies receive more exposure through publishing Kindle books online. Similarly, I've worked with numerous publishing companies and branding agencies to help re-work their Kindle publishing strategy for best results for their clients. I love to innovate and become a "guru" in the markets that I'm involved in through easy-to-follow online content. I help (and always will help) thousands online to achieve their personal and financial goals.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in business, financially, and in your personal life!