Mike Handcock

Award winning Speaker and Best Selling Author

MIKE HANDCOCK Chairman (Ex -Rockstar)Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life. Getting to know Mike you will find:

  • Mike is an international award winning speaker who has worked in over 30 cities and 20 countries in the past 3 years alone
  • Mike was the 2014 NZ Speaker of the Year and one of just 25 people globally to be awarded the speaking designation CSP Global
  • Mike has written thirteen books on business and personal development including best sellers and an Amazon #3
  • Mike is a musician with eleven albums to his credit and has produced and written for Radio & TV
  • Mike was voted one of the top 10 coaches in Asia
  • Mike’s background was in senior management of one of New Zealand’s leading corporates
  • He has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards
  • He has produced a television show and is the producer and director of Dreamcatchers – an 82min feature film launched in 2010, with his second movie The Reluctant Heroes in pre production
  • He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic work and is a seeker of ancient wisdom who can be found climbing through dusty pyramids or researching the secrets of the past diligently

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