Elle Edwards


I have been in the midwifery profession for over 6 years.

I started out as a midwifery assistant, helping out on the labour ward, re stocking, taking observations and supporting women in labour. This allowed my love for midwifery to grow at a distance. I decided to apply to study midwifery at my local university.

I enrolled in the course and it was one of the most difficult, and best experiences of my life. I was mentored by midwives from all different backgrounds, and skill sets and thoroughly enjoyed by training. I learnt not only to be a good midwife but I also grew as an individual.

During my training we were constantly encouraged to support other student midwives, by attending their support days and also facilitating group discussions. I discovered that I was very good at doing this. I was able to gain their attention and cater to their interests and this is where my love for teaching began.

Since i graduated I have been working as a qualified and registered midwife in the uk, however there is still this 'hole' in that area of teaching and this is what led me to udemy I came to udemy to create course that people aspiring to be midwives and student midwives could use to further their understanding on certain topics and have fun doing it.

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