Mick Holly

Chief Treasure Hunter

My passion is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners make more money and accumulate lots of cash

For the last 30 years I have been an advisor to the executives of Fortune 500 companies and have learned some amazing success secrets.

I have distilled these secrets into a methodology entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to help them grow their business, increase their profits and put more cash into their pockets.

Here is one amazing secret: most business owners don't know the difference between making money and generating cash!

Many of them become successful--they grow their sales but find out they don't have enough cash to fund their growing enterprise and fold or go bankrupt.

Along with Andre Gien we created The Financial Statement Story (available on iTunes) where we teach regular people like you how to turn the statements into a treasure map.

We have taught this improvement methodology to hundreds of people and have boiled it down to a simple approach taught on our course here on Udemy.

We will teach you to do two things--how to make more money and how to generate more cash (You need money to keep funding your business--you need cash to spend!)


Co creator of The Financial Statement Story Podcast

Andre Gien and I have a weekly podcast dedicated to demystifying finance and helping people make better business decisions

Author of How To Read Financial Statements Like a Book in 5 Minutes

Soon to be published on Amazon

Business Advisor and Consultant

Advise Fortune 500 companies on growth and operational excellence. Design improvement programs to help them increase sales, improve profits and cash flows

Work with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners teaching them the Money Map and Treasure Map methods for driving improvement

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