Dr. Michelle Dixon

Ph.D., Practitioner of Healing Modalities, Entrepreneur

I'm an unusual combination of entrepreneur and healer, with a thirst for knowledge, a love of business and innovation, and a deeply intuitive and caring sensibility which has enabled me to work successfully as a practitioner and healer for many years ... even whilst starting and running other businesses, including an online startup, Kindred Global Mentorship!

After receiving a Ph.D. in Economics in 2002, I had a complete career change and dove deep into working as a holistic and alternative practitioner with a speciality in bodywork for emotional healing, especially de-armouring and energetic healing. 

I am qualified in NLP, hypnotherapy, myofascial release, and life coaching, and am currently studying Biodynamic Cranial Touch. I am an intuitive by practice, not a psychic by birth, and as such I have cultivated and deepened my intuition over the years. This includes medical intuition, and much else. My experiences have deepened as I have learned techniques for self-care. Due to my academic background, I have always brought a rigorous intellectual approach to my work. I feel that it's important, as best as possible, to understand 'why' something is so, and draw on other disciplines whenever possible for explanation and insight.

I have seen hundreds of clients, facilitated more than 30 workshops around Australia, and have run three residential retreats. My bodywork speciality is really de-armouring, which is a somatic approach to releasing emotion from the body, and getting the chi moving in order to experience bliss (sometimes called Kundalini rushes or energy orgasm). Along with this bodywork, I offer a holistic spiritual-based coaching, which can cut straight to the heart of the matter and very quickly create massive change.

I publish writing regularly in several online publications on matters of holistic health as well as business. As an entrepreneur, I have done freelance web design, marketing and content writing. I am currently building a startup in the tech space, Kindred Global Mentorship. I love holistic and spiritual practice AND I love entrepreneurship! I have a lot of mental energy, so doing bodywork can feel like a beautiful meditation for me.

It is only after years of teaching that I have decided to put my approach and learnings into courses for the masses. I founded my academy "Plan Be Academy for Somatic Practices" in order to train other practitioners and carers in my approach, and as part of this run retreats in which I facilitate Shamanic body de-armouring for emotional release, to expand intuition and experience bliss!

My passion is in sharing my insight and techniques to help healers, carers, seekers of personal development, and entrepreneurs be more intuitive, connected, and self-loving. I am also the proud mother of three amazing children. 

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