Michel Fortin

Expert Trainer at The Licorice Group

A direct response copywriter and marketing consultant for the better part of 25 years, Michel Fortin is also an expert trainer, web designer, WordPress geek, and serial entrepreneur.

He was instrumental in selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services for his clients in a wide variety of industries, which included some of the most successful marketing campaigns on the Internet. His proven, battle-tested strategies can significantly improve your responsiveness, visibility, and conversion rate.

Michel is the co-founder of The Licorice Group, an online training and publishing company, as well as several membership sites that show you how to build, manage, and grow online businesses.

Today, he is an in-demand public speaker and highly sought-after consultant around the world. For several years he also taught sales, marketing, ecommerce, and web design at a local college under their accredited Business Administration and Marketing Management programs.

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