Michael Van Krey

Japanese Instructor

Michael Van Krey is a high school Japanese teacher at Evanston Township High School since 1997.  Before teaching, he lived in Japan for 3 years and has been back to Japan over 10 times since then for study, scholarships, and trips with his students.  

He wrote all four years of the curricula for his high school courses and believes that teaching language should be dynamic and not bound to a textbook.  He consistently uses technology and pushes the boundaries with sophisticated language lab usage, creating video lessons on specific topics, and using iPads in the classroom for each student to increase engagement and efficacy.

He has been nominated for a Golden Apple teaching award twice, won the inaugural Aurora Scholaship for summer study in Japan, a Fulbright/Hayes Scholarship to create video lesson in Japan, a US-Japan Foundation award for computers in the classroom, and a JCCC grant to purchase a classroom set of iPods.

In addition to teaching Japanese, he has served as a mentor to several teachers, a departmental staff developer, a technology staff developer, and co-facilitator of professional development for ETHS. 

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