Michael Shane

Author, Entrepreneur, Traveller and Cake Lover

Hi, I’m Michael Shane. I am an Online Marketing Consultant, with a specific focus on sales and marketing on social media platforms. In recent years, I’ve worked for small family businesses through to fortune 500’s and all in-between providing strategies for their growth and client aquisition in the online space.

I’m passionate about having the right work-life balance and love to spend as much time travelling this amazing planet as possible; working online allows me to ‘be in the office’ anywhere I can find a wifi hotspot! Whether it’s consulting for my clients, or growing my own online businesses, including building blogs, affiliate websites, Teespring campaigns, and drop ship stores, the internet gives me the freedom to work from pretty much anywhere.

Sharing my knowledge and experiences is a big driver in my business, so I’m excited to be able to contribute on the Udemy platform. Teaching others how they can live a location independent, entrepreneurial lifestyle while traveling the world and living the life of their dreams is something I'm passionate about. We're not meant to spend 40 hours a week in a cubicle!

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