Michael Reynolds

Internet Marketer and Motion Graphic Designer

My name is Michael Reynolds, 

I have worked in marketing for over 15 years and am also a motion graphics designer (i just love making animated videos).

My father and I launched our first joint business together a few years back under the name of The UK Entrepreneur Ltd. We have since created sub businesses from this such as MadeInTheUK and EntrepreneurExpress.

Our main focus has always been helping other small business owners reach great success.

Times have been hard with the economy over the years, and we have now just relaunched parts of the business now I have more time to deliver what we have to offer.

The first part being 17 Modules to help businesses master their marketing. These are detailed, current, and effective in teaching people like you, to grow your business and have great success.

Further down the line, we have a huge business builder program, with worksheets and all...written with the help of top industry personnel, to take you by the hand and grow your business with you.

More details to follow...

All the best

Michael Reynolds

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