Michael Pilinski

Social Life Coaching for Men

 Michael Pilinski is the author of several books in the men's dating market: Without Embarrassment, She's Yours for the Taking, How to Seduce a Woman in 5 Steps and The Pick-Up Artist Quizbook.  Mike has also written a beginner's guide to FOREX currency trading, and a science-fiction technothriller called The Necronaut.  He has spent time working as a photographer, technician and is currently in the construction trade part time (mostly for the exercise!).

During this mid-thirties, Michael worked through and overcame a nagging problem with social shyness that had been growing worse over the prior decade, essentially on his own - and has built a passion out of instructing other men on exactly how he did it by way of his numerous books and postings over the past eleven years.  His goal has been to show men how to overcome their own issues of social awkwardness and romantic shyness and learn how to gain access to the full romantic possibilities that are waiting for us ALL.  On the topic of meeting and dating women, his teachings have been regarded as some of the best and most reasonable out there.  And the classiest.

That's because Mike hasn't just learned what he knows about dealing with fear of rejection through study and reading, he's lived it.  And there's a good chance that you will connect with his personal story and his romantically exciting ideas as well.

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