Michael Maxsenti


As an entrepreneur who has started two companies before graduating college, I understand the incredible struggle and personal risk that goes into creating awesome new companies and achieving personal freedom.

I began my college career as a baseball player, but when injuries ruined my career I decided to repurpose my leadership skills and personal drive into creating companies. I have always been a nerd at heart for as long as I can remember, and my love for entrepreneurship is my outlet for that nerdiness. Through managing two companies, graduating college with a degree in International business and raising money for my first company I have gained a lot of skills and insights that I want to share with other entrepreneurs. I am going to translate those skills to help my Udemy students bring their amazing ideas to life and create healthy companies that are worthy of investment from VCs and Angel investors.

Sure I don't actually need to spend my time making these courses, but I have gained some amazing skills from starting and running my companies and I love seeing other entrepreneurs create incredible new companies and bringing their visions to life. I hope you enjoy my courses and use your new skills to achieve your own personal financial freedom!