Dr. Michael Hart

Ph.D. Psychologist, Educational Consultant, Wharton MBA

I am an accomplished business development professional and educational consultant with over 25 years of success in different professional environments.

I started my career as a psychologist with an expertise in learning problems and ADD/ADHD. After Wharton, I transferred my skills and assumed roles in business development and leadership in mostly early stage startups. Over time, I've developed a strong ability to understand future trends and communicate that vision in ways that motivates others and creates value.

In tune with the explosion of online learning, I'm now developing webinars for parents of children with learning problems as well as professional development courses for teachers and administrators. My initial focus is simplifying neuroscience and explaining its impact on literacy development.

Additionally, due to my success as one of the leaders of TEDxNashville, I'm also a part-time consultant for curating TED-like inspirational events.

International experience including India, Europe and Middle East.