Michael Hallett

Writer, educator

I have a master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, and a collaborative Master’s in International Relations from the Munk Center for International Studies also at the University of Toronto. I also hold diplomas from the Naval War College and Joint Forces Staff Officer College. 

I’ve published four book chapters, a science fiction novel, and over 15 articles in various publications, ranging from renewable energy to military training. Please see my LinkedIn profile for a complete listing of publications.  
I have had the great privilege to live in Korea, Canada, Italy, and England for extended periods. I’ve worked in 35 countries around the world, and with my wife and sons I’ve visited 5 more. I’ve been involved in international training and education for over 10 years, in Asia, Europe, Africa and South and North America.

In my time living abroad and my travels I’ve been continuously amazed at the English language expertise of the people I’ve met, and always a little embarrassed that my command of other languages is so poor. I’ve studied languages, but have really only made significant progress in German, which I continue to study. 

It is a honor to support you, my colleagues, as we learn to communicate better together.

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