Mike Fortune

Play Gospel Music By Ear

Born in Washington D..C. A professional musician with 50 years experience playing gospel music as well as jazz and r & b. experienced musician on the Hammond organ as well as keyboards and piano. Graduate of American University in Washington D. C. with a BA and Masters degrees. Completed musical education from the Music and Arts institute with an AA. I have played organ on stage with The Mighty Clouds of Joy, a well know Grammy award winning gospel group. I have also played for Tonya Blount, who sang the duet in Sister Act 2 with Loren Hill. I am currently the owner of operator of All Music Radio, an internet radio station. I started this station because he commercial stations don't play some of the great hits in music and since I m a musician, I know what I like and hear what other people like so I started the station in November 2012 and we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary being on the air with more than 16,000 listeners worldwide. We grow everyday so we must be doing something right. I love music and want to pass that gift on to others. After many years of people asking about lessons and having given some in the past years, I decided to go digital with my lessons in order to reach a greater market of people all over the world thus I started my music tutorial website. The best life you could live is one that has a legacy and that s is what I m trying to do. I love music, it is the spirit of our souls. I love listening to music as well as love playing music. I have used my radio station as a platform for new music from new artists. It has been a joy to play their music and I continue to look forward to add even more artists in the future. I play their music on my station for free even though they do get royalties from the music being paid. I have always been in occupations helping people.I was a police Captain in Arlington, Virginia for 20 years. I have been involved with the funeral industry since 1999 helping people get through critical times in their lives. I want to spread the sound of music through others who learn to play in order for them to keep the movement going.

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