Michael E. Parker

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Author and Lean Expert

Prior to starting Michael E. Parker Enterprises, Mr. Michael E. Parker worked for Toyota Motor Corporation where he was hand selected by President and CEO Akio Toyoda to receive specialized training in Japan from 1st generation Lean Experts on the Toyota Production System and Lean Management Philosophy. Throughout his career, he has managed and led lean management programs for Toyota and other multi-million dollar organizations in both the service and manufacturing industries throughout Canada and the United States.

After seeing how lean could be used to improve operations in the manufacturing industry, Michael E. Parker decided to expand his experience and knowledge to the service industry. He started and expanded more than 10 companies across multiple industries while creating a new management philosophy that built upon the fundamentals of Lean and could be easily applied to the service industry. He called this management approach "Value-Centered Management" and wrote about it in his book "Who Said So?" by Wiley Publishing. Who Said So? has also allowed him to share his management philosophy, in an easy to read narrative format, and has generated praise by many for its creativity and simplistic delivery of Lean and Value-Centered concepts and practices.

Michael E. Parker's success has allowed him to receive national attention and recognition for his work and breakthrough ideas. He has been called upon to make special guest appearances on Fox Business News, NBC and other major networks to share his knowledge in business and Lean expertise.

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