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Thank you for checking out my profile and subscribing to my courses here.  I truly appreciate you.  My mission is to help you improve your habits.  My courses are designed to assist you make these changes.  I am at heart a Sales and Marketing professional with over 30+ years experience.  Currently I coach clients and assist creative agencies to enhance their storytelling. I have been on LinkedIn since 2004 and have been coaching professionals how to use LinkedIn since 2009.  I have been storytelling since 2012.

Apart from my LinkedIn courses here I have also partnered with Barry Mapp and co-produced the fastest selling Mind Mapping course on Udemy, with over 12,000 students, titled "Smart Working - Creating Effective Mind Maps".  I highly recommend this habit changing course, which will improve your learning, your memory retention, your ability to be a better presenter, speaker and brainstormer.  

I look forward to liaising with you and feel free to reach out via Udemy messaging or indeed locate me on LinkedIn or any other social network.  Just search google for @stayingaliveuk.

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