Michael Cabrera

Credit Specialist

I am a financial specialist whose main interest is to educate and help others through the treacherous waters of the financial industry.

My interest in the financial field started in my teens and finally in the early 2000's, I joined a financial institution to begin my training and career in the financial field.

Learning the mechanics of credit approval was crucial to my success because not every applicant was approved at first. My desire was to help the applicants whose dreams of home ownership were shattered due to non prime credit. The financial field has given me tons of experience within the industry, including credit repair. In short, I learned specific tactics that took a credit files that were originally declined and after my instructions to the clients, they were ready to close. Eventually I was involved in the decision making process for applications. (underwriting).

My passion for helping others and fascination with the financial industry led me to create Credit Revamper, a online step by step guide for taking ANY credit profile and turning it into prime credit.

The financial sector has give me much experience and a wealth of information that I would rather share to the general public and make a living helping people avoid financial disasters and help them on a path of self sustaining wealth.

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