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My name is Michael Andrews and it was about 1985 when I, one day, found myself with a pocket of spare cash and nothing to do with it.

It was my brother who suggested that I follow in his footsteps and buy a camera with the possible view of taking up photography as a hobby: not something I had thought about but I thought to give it a try.

After the purchase of a second-hand Olympus OM10, two lenses and a Manual Adaptor, (in case I liked it and wanted to learn how to take pictures properly, instead of relying on the automatic settings), I commenced my photographic journey.

Thirty years later and I am still in love with my cameras and the process of capturing images.

I still study photography, in case there is anything I have missed, that I may learn something new. I still buy the same monthly magazines, publishing similar articles that I have been reading for thirty years.

I started in the Darkroom and as time has gone on I’ve moved to the computer screen to process my efforts. I am still, however, a believer that as a photographer it is my job to create the best possible image in the camera and that the software is no more than a ‘polishing’ and printing tool; the same as the darkness and smelly chemicals.

I teach basic, core photographic techniques as often as possible, and although many would argue that software can cure many ills of picture taking I think that fundamental photographic technique is far more preferable.

I am not a big user of software, probably using only about ten of the hundreds of tools available in Photoshop, and these are the ones that give me the same ‘photographic’ results as the Darkroom.

Digital manipulation is still a relatively new technology, where as most of the World’s most memorable, high impact images have come from Photographers.

Thank you for checking out my course, and if you would like to be a better photographer you’ve come to the right place.

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