Dr. Michael Perry


Prof. Perry received his Ph.D. in Business from Columbia University, New York.  He received his MBA and LLM (Masters in Law) from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is a member of the Israeli Law Bar.

Prof. Perry had two parallel careers: Academic teaching and research and Business consulting.

In his academic career, Prof. Perry was a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Business in a number of universities including: Columbia University and New York University in New York City, Rutgers University in New Jersey, Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN, Fundacao Joao Pinheiro in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Capetown University in South-Africa.

During the years 1985-2005 Prof. Perry taught at Haifa University, Israel, and lectured in academic and professional seminars and conferences.  Prof. Perry is the author of the book “Strategic Moves in the Marketplace”. Prof. Perry has established the Executive Program at Haifa University and served as its head for 10 years. The program has offered many courses for managers. It served more than 10,000 students, both full time and part time. Perry also served as the Vice President of Haifa University.

Prof. Perry has conducted executive seminars in the United States, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Hungry, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.  He was the Chairman of the Haifa Chapter and a member of the National Executive Committee of the Israeli Management Center (Israel’s prestigious executives’ association). 

In his consulting career, Prof. Perry was the founder and president of Mitzuv, Ltd., a strategic planning and marketing research firm, established in 1970. 

In the last years Prof. Perry consulted to numerous organizations in many industries: Telecommunication, software, construction, building materials, food, retailing, financial services and banking, insurance, transportation, airlines, and more. During his 30 years of experience, Prof. Perry lead the role of a major adviser to several government ministries (including the Ministry of Trade and Commerce and the Ministry of Tourism).

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