Mr. Michael Mangialardi

Elite Powerlifter & Blogger

My name is Michael Mangialardi. I am an elite powerlifter, dieting enthusiast, self-published author, and soon-to-be husband.

Constantly there are new diets coming out, overwhelming the internet. While each diet has its own unique name, there is a strong commonality between all of them. They all tend to be restrictive and far from enjoyable.

Most new diets just put a different spin on heavily restricting certain foods and giving you a select few types of foods to eat

The irony is that dieting is actually a pretty simple principle. It's all about moderation. If you eat more than you burn off, you're going to gain weight. If you eat less than you burn off, you're going to lose fat. Yes, it's that simple.

So let me tell you what my products aren't:

  • Highly restrictive
    • I will constantly reiterate that diets do not have to be highly restrictive.
  • A revolutionary fad
    • This isn't about revolutionizing dieting, because you can't. This is about simplifying dieting to be simple, yet effective.
  • Overly complicated
    • While my dieting approach is simple, it takes some steps to set up. I'm here to help you set up your diet to get started on a simple and flexible dieting approach.
  • Unreasonable
    • I'm not going to pull any tricks, such as taking a picture of myself looking absolutely ripped, to make you think that my program is magic.

Now let me tell you what my courses are:

  • Simple
    • While there may be a slight learning curve, I will teach you how to get on path to a simple diet.
  • Flexible
    • My dieting approach isn't overly restrictive and difficult to follow for social gatherings.
  • Effective
    • Dieting is a simple principle. I am not reinventing the wheel, just sticking to what works.

I have struggled with eating and being in shape. The reason I have had success is because I bust my butt. I know how dieting works, and I am consistent, yet flexible, with it. The reason I am here is to teach you how to diet in a way that works, but that is also reasonable.

Join me and take your first step towards reaching your fat loss goals!

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