Mattis Haase

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Mattis Haase wrote his first instructional ebook with 14. Within a year he taught himself script programming, 3D modeling as well as story- and dialoguewriting for videogames, and condensed it into a 70 page instructional book. It immediately became a great success with well over 100,000 downloads to date and remains the definitive book in its field even 12 years later.

He proceeded to study chemistry and geosciences at one of europes top 15 universities. During that time he didnt only focus on his studies, but delved deep into topics as diverse as group- mass- and marketing psychology, military strategy, cryptography, digital electronics, photography, video editing, woodworking as well as higher mathematics.

He didnt just remain in the realm of theory though, and continued to design and build his own CPU and 3D printer at a young age.

Today Mattis Haase focuses on sharing his knowledge. He shows an almost zealous eagerness when it comes to teaching. It is his passion and love. Well over a quarter million people already seeked out his videos to learn something new, and for his unique talent to explain complicated concepts in a way that everyone can understand.

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