Meredith Rom

Yoga Instructor and Empowerment Coach

After becoming a yoga teacher and coach, Meredith Rom created an online business to reach people around the world through blogging, videos and online courses. Her latest program VISION about courage, self-love and the power of meditation has had women enroll in five continents, bringing together countries as far and wide as the US to Singapore, Australia, Brazil and Switzerland.

By age 27, Meredith has created a successful online business guiding women to manifest their visions and find love within all while staying true to her spiritual values of meditation, yoga, and doing what she loves.

In 2010 after graduating with a BFA from NYU she moved from New York City to San Francisco following her intuition to break free from the stress of her life. Yoga became a catalyst to heal chronic pain in her body, find relief from stress and led her to access greater wisdom and purpose. She now lives in Sonoma County and guides women in her private coaching practice to find their voice and live their passions. She is currently writing a book on synchronicity and the stories of seven sages from her travels in India. You can follow her weekly insights on her website (links below).