Melissa echo Greenlee

Deaf Advocate

As a Deaf consumer, I face communication barriers on a daily basis. From getting my questions answered about a new product I want to purchase, to placing an order at a restaurant, or mailing a package out at the post office – the daily struggles living as a Deaf person add up. They come in the form of eye-rolls when the retail clerk, sandwich artist, or beautician (take your pick) learns I am Deaf and has to slow down their speaking or write things down. If it's not an eye-roll, it's a place of business that stands and stares as if they are looking at someone from another planet.

Through all the triumphs and challenges that hearing loss has brought me, it has also brought me my most cherished gift. My life's work -- to make the world accessible to 70 million Deaf people worldwide. I do this by running a consumer review website for the Deaf community (deaffriendly) while providing training, presentation and publishing.

I truly believe that with mutual education, hand-holding and a little bit of patience between all people, we can create a deaf-friendly world.

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